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Interface ITileEventDescription




Optional allowMultiple

allowMultiple: undefined | false | true

Allow multiple of the same type of tile event to be placed on top of each other.

Optional animated

animated: undefined | false | true

Optional blocksTile

blocksTile: undefined | false | true

Whether the tile event prevents things such as carving, digging, movement, etc.

Optional canBurn

canBurn: undefined | false | true

Can the tile event burn when fire is on the same tile as it?

Optional causesStatus

causesStatus: StatusType[]

Optional damage

damage: undefined | number

Optional decayMax

decayMax: undefined | number

Optional decayTemperatureRange

decayTemperatureRange: IDecayTemperatureRange

Optional durability

durability: undefined | number

Optional excludedTerrains

excludedTerrains: TerrainType[]

Prevents the event from being created on these types

Optional freezesInto

freezesInto: TerrainType

When more than three puddles of water exist on a tile, they create the this terrain type when it lower than "Cold" on the tile.

Optional graphicVariation

graphicVariation: undefined | false | true

Optional imagePath

imagePath: undefined | string

A replacement image to use. Used in modding.

Optional internal

internal: undefined | false | true

Set to true when we don't want to load a graphic or show tooltips for the event.

Optional isFlammable

isFlammable: undefined | false | true

Optional isMinor

isMinor: undefined | false | true

Whether this is a "minor" tile event. Minor tile events are rendered as faded, small text in tooltips rather than large headings.

Optional isTall

isTall: undefined | false | true

Optional isWaste

isWaste: undefined | false | true

Optional items

items: ILootItem[]

Optional lightColor

lightColor: IRGB

Optional lightSource

lightSource: undefined | false | true

Optional meltsInto

meltsInto: TerrainType

When more than three puddles of water exist on a tile, they create the this terrain type.

Optional modIndex

modIndex: undefined | number

Optional particles

particles: IRGB

Optional pickUp

pickUp: ItemType

Optional preservationChance

preservationChance: undefined | number

Optional providesFire

providesFire: undefined | false | true

Optional renderBelowDoodads

renderBelowDoodads: undefined | false | true

Optional renderBelowItems

renderBelowItems: undefined | false | true

Optional skillUse

skillUse: SkillType

Optional spawnOnWorldGen

Optional spreadMax

spreadMax: undefined | number

Optional water

water: undefined | false | true

Is the event made of water? These can put out fires if they are on the same tile as them.

Optional weightCapacity

weightCapacity: undefined | number


Optional canCreate

  • canCreate(type: TileEventType, tile: ITile, tileType: TerrainType, x: number, y: number, z: number): boolean
  • Parameters

    Returns boolean

Optional create

  • Parameters

    Returns void

Optional getProducedTemperature

  • getProducedTemperature(tileEvent?: TileEvent): number | undefined
  • Gets the temperature produced by this tile event. Positive values are "heat", negative values are "cold". Refer to the values of the Temperature enum to see the possible range. If this method is not implemented, or it returns undefined, Temperature.Neutral is used.


    Returns number | undefined


  • is(value: unknown): value is ITemperatureSource
  • Parameters

    • value: unknown

    Returns value is ITemperatureSource

Optional remove

  • Parameters

    Returns void

Optional update

  • Parameters

    Returns void

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