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Interface ITerrainDecorationVariationAdaption


  • ITerrainDecorationVariationAdaption



Optional animated

animated: undefined | false | true

True if it's animated - 8 animation frames - width should be 128 (16 width per frame)

Optional innerExclusive

innerExclusive: undefined | false | true

This decoration can only appear if it's surrounded by tiles of the same type (all 8 directions).

Optional rarity

rarity: undefined | number

Decorations can't be made less rare, but they can be made more rare with this property. When not provided, decorated tiles use a rarity of 1.0 (always). 0.0 means never. It's linear.


variationCount: number

The number of different sprites that could be used for this decoration. For instance, if your image is 3-tiles wide (48x16) and you set this number to 3, it would choose between any of the three tiles randomly for each decorated tile. For animated decorations, this number is the 16height rows the image. If your image is 128x48, this should be 3.

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